Senior Dance Production

Monday, Apr 20, 2020
By Noah Wang and Libby Faber
Juilliard Journal
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The fourth-year dance class posing as a group
The fourth-year dancers

This article originally appeared in the March Journal. Writer Noah Wang—a fourth-year dancer who’s weathering the crisis with his family in San Francisco, cooking, playing games, going on walks, playing music, and leaning on each other through the hardship of it all—sent this update.

By Noah Wang and Libby Faber
Since this article was written, COVID-19 has uprooted all of our lives and this year’s Senior Production dance concerts, which would have taken place April 24-26, were canceled along with the rest of this season’s performance. While the Juilliard Dance class of 2020 mourns this unique loss, there is so much we have already created together and are grateful for. Our photo book, which is mentioned below, for example, will still be for sale once Juilliard resumes its in-person schedule. We hope that even without a show, our legacy of individuality, community, and inclusion is felt in the Juilliard community for years to come. Performances come and go, but the value of this process, Senior Production, remains.

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In past years, the seniors made a calendar to raise money for Senior Production. But when we put our creative strength together this fall, we decided to produce a photo book because we felt that it would be artistic, timeless, and personal to our vision. The book includes original poetry, prose,  illustrations, and photographs—all by our classmates. We sincerely hope that people will enjoy these things as much as we loved creating them.  

These products are not only for fundraising; they’re also a manifestation of our collective growth. When looking back on the thrilling journey through Juilliard that we have taken together, we feel so proud of, thankful for, and amazed at the family we have become. The wonderful thing about the Juilliard dance program is that it is a shared experience. As we change, struggle, evolve, and learn, we all witness each other in turn. By senior year, we have developed a profound admiration for each other as dancers and as people. We hope to take the love we have fostered together, and cast it out into Juilliard and beyond.

If you would like to support the senior dancers by buying a copy of the Senior Production photo book, please email [email protected].